Joseph Mohr: childhood in Salzburg

JOSEPH MOHR was born on the 11 December, 1792 in the Steingasse in Salzburg. He grew up in a small damp room with his mother Anna Schoiber.

Here he grew up with his mother, Anna Schoiber, his grand-mother, Maria, his two half-sisters and his cousin Theresia. They all shared one small, damp room and earned their living by spinning and knitting. His father, Franz Joseph Mohr, came from the alpine village of Mariapfarr and aged 28, he joined the army in Salzburg. All he did for his son was to give him his name before he deserted. His mother was sentenced to a fine of nine florins for her "carnal offence", the crime of bearing an illegitimate child. This was as much as Anna earned in a whole year so she was forced to accept the offer of the rich town executioner, Franz Joseph Wohlmuth, to adopt Joseph as his godchild. At that time and with those origins, young Joseph would never have been allowed to learn even a humble craft. However, the cathedral choir-master, Johann Nepomuk Hiernle, happened to hear Joseph singing; he recognized the boy`s musical talent and helped him receive an education and to become a priest